The following awards are up for grabs in the main event.

Best Overall – Most points.
Best General – Most battle points.
Best Sportsman – Most sportsmanship points.
Best Appearance – Most appearance points.
Best Objective – Most Objective votes
Best Model – Most Model votes
Joe Rogers Certificate of Achievement Award – self explanatory.

The following awards are up for grabs in the real main event, the Saturday Night Mustache Contest!

Manliest Mustache – Traditionally the biggest and most powerful facepelt.
Handsomely Hirsute – Typically the most sculpted and fanciest of crumb-catchers.
Creative Cookie-duster – The most creative lip toupee.
Peach Fuzz – Usually the saddest specimens. Some are only days old.
The Creepster – self-explanatory.

The Club Challenge is back as well. The two highest ranked clubs (as determined by the points of the Median team member) will duke it out in an old fashion pint hold to determine the Best Club!