The information below was for 2019’s event. The info for 2020 will go live in August of 2019.

The rules are simple. The player with the most points wins. There are 100 Points available in the following categories.

The Overall Champion must excel in each category to claim total victory!

Battle (25 Points)
Games will be played using the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar matched play rules, including the following:
♦ 2,000 point armies
♦ Core rules including Warscrolls

♦ Warscroll Battalions
♦ Allegiance Abilities
♦ Pitched Battles
♦ Realm of Battle
♦ Malign Sorcery
♦ Endless Spells
House Rules

Battle Plans will be chosen from the General’s Handbook 2018 and announced at the event itself.

As tables go, our goal is to have each Realm represented on a fairly equitable basis, but we are currently retooling our terrain collection and getting assistance from others.  Be ready for anything!

Appearance (25 Points)
All models must be painted and based to a three color minimum. Appearance will be scored using this checklist.

Sportsmanship (25 Points) 
All players are expected to read all announcements, follow instructions, be on time and participate in all aspects of the event. Sportsmanship will be scored using this checklist.

Presence (25 Points)
This category’s easy. Just show up and play both days!