Important Dates

The information below was for 2019’s event. The info for 2020 will go live in August of 2019.

9/1/18 – Registration opens!

12/1/18 – Last day to cancel and receive a full refund. Half refunds will be honored until one week prior to the event.

12/17/18 – Any warscrolls or rules released after this date will not be used.

12/31/18 – Army List submission deadline. Lists should be sent to in PDF or list summary format.

1/18/19 – Last day to cancel and still receive a half refund.

1/25/19 – Open gaming begins at noon! The Opening Ceremonies begin at 8pm.

1/26/19 – The tournament begins at 9:30am.

1/27/19 – The fourth round begins at 9:30am. The tournament will end around 5pm.